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Fundraise for your team at our West Community Store!

Whatever your team is fundraising for - we'd like to stand behind you! Sign up your team to fundraise on location at our West Community Store today! 


Are there any fees associated with this Fundraiser? 
There is NO charge to your association to host your event on our property! We're happy to work with you + your team to help support a healthy and active lifestyle! All money you bring in from your fundraiser is yours! 

Who Supplies the food? And do we need a permit? 
Your organization will be responsible for the food, however, we ask no homemade good please! As for the permit, this is not required! 

What about drinks? 
Just like food - this will be up to your organization. You can bring anything you want, just no alcohol will be permitted. 

Who can use the BBQ? 
We ask that only those over 18 man the BBQ, however, all ages are able to serve food + work the register for your event. 

Who determines the Cost of items? 
As your association is responsible to bring the food/drinks you are selling, the charge for these items are solely up to you. 

How many volunteers are necessary? 
This is up to you + your organization, but we would recommend 2-3 people as a minimum throughout the day! 

How long do we have to fundraise for? 
This is again, up to your organization but we do recommend between 3-5 hours for best results! 

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