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General Tips

Always air dry equipment in a well ventilated area after use. Air circulation enhances the speed at which equipment dries and also minimizes the smell!

Spray or deodorize products with sports disinfectant and not household sprays such as Febreeze. Household products will actually break down equipment because they use different chemicals, which are harmful to the performance of goal equipment.

If you are washing your equipment, do not use Tide as the abrasives in the detergent can cause the foam to breakdown prematurely. 

Keep all you gear away from direct heat as this could cause damage if the equipment gets too hot.

Don’t leave your equipment in your car or in your bag. The gear must breath when it is not being used so the protection does not break down and bacteria does not grow. 

We do offer Fresh Gear Cleaning System in our Sports Repair department and you can bring in your bag and we will deodorize it for you.  By using Fresh Gear on your equipment you are eliminating odor-causing bacteria, reducing the risk of infection and prolonging the life of your goal equipment. 

Do not believe everything you hear on the internet! Have questions? Ask us.


Allow blocker to air dry.

Black and colored tape on the grip area of your stick will discolor your blocker palm; it will also cause the blocker to break down faster as there is movement back and forth with the goal stick. 

Do not pour water on your blocker palm if it is hard. This will make the palm soggy and cause premature breakdown. 

If the palm is hard, you can use a very small amount of shaving gel and rub the gel into the palm area prior to using the glove and wipe your hand off after about 5 minutes of use. This will condition the palm and it will be softer and easier to use. 

Arm & Chest

Allow 3-4 weeks for chest protector to break in, based on 2-3 usages per week

Accelerated break ins:

Wear combo around your house and move around

Bring arm and chest pads into the bathroom during a shower. Steam will loosen the materials.

Some goalies have mowed or raked the grass for 15 mins until they start to sweat and then have someone start throwing balls or pucks to work on the movements. 


Do not bench (meaning compressing) your goal pads. This may shrink your goal pads and break the internal foam/plastics.

Let your pads air dry by placing them upside down against a wall.

Do not use any leather softeners or conditioners because goal pads are synthetic leather. 

Magic Erasers use harmful chemicals to goal pads. To stop puck marks from appearing, wipe pads with towel after use or use goal specific products. We sell a product called Puck Out! which works like a Magic Eraser but has no chemicals. 

Do not use your leg straps to pull the top of the pad down. This will torque the top of each pad and open up the five hole area. 

Carry your pads by the bottom skate straps and do not pull the straps if you are caught on a door or another object, it will put extra pressure that may cause the straps to pull out.


Let your glove air dry with the back of the glove open.

Keep your glove pocket stuffed to maintain depth and width (i.e. pucks, jersey, softball.)

Use a skate lace to hold the trapper closed with the pocket stuffed to make sure the pocket stays full.

Do not push “T” inwards to expand glove. Will cause the “T” to fold inwards.

Allow adequate time for glove to break in.

Accelerated break in techniques:

Wear and close glove at home

Boil water and let steam into the inside of glove.

Tie up and let sit. 

Do not store your glove at the bottom of your bag, gloves should be the last thing you put in your bag.