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Our Women's Mountain Bike rides are run by Diane "Dee" Turner. We invite beginner to advanced riders to ride with us!

SheShreds Schedule

Mark your calendars Ladies -- we've got some riding to do! Stay up to date for the when & where of SheShreds rides through the SheShreds Women’s Mountain Bike Facebook Group we''ll keep you updated there!


SheShreds Membership

Interested in joining our women's rides? Check out our membership page and get added to our waiting list ASAP -- you do not want to miss out on this!

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Ride Details

Not sure of what you need to bring, the structure of the rides, or how the team works? Get a feel for SheShreds below.

Ride Details


Clinics! Bike Learning! Come and hang out while learning some rad new skills! Each clinic is 3 hours long and are ladies only. Beginners will get most out of the Biking 101 & 102 clinics. Clinics are $20 each and must demonstrate your blue ABA insurance card (or use your one-time ABA ‘try-it-out’ waiver). Wanna get a spot? Like and follow SheShreds Womens Mountain Biking and watch Facebook for the event!

Biking 101 - Sat June 9th Mill Creek / 1:00 PM Fit, position, gears, braking

Perfect for the beginner

We get to know our bikes - all the important parts and how to make it a comfortable bike for you. We learn about the main body positions when biking down a trail- and why they make sense (time for physics!). Then we get into all the handlebar bits: brake and gearing.This is all translated on the trail and we have a fun ride at the end of the day.

Biking 102 - Sun July 8th Emily Murphy / 1:00 PM Cornering, wheel lifts, jumps

Perfect for the beginner-intermediate

Using the skill set developed from time on our bikes and the foundations of body positions, gearing and braking… we advance! We learn to move separately from the bike and how to direct the bike with speed and our hips (whhhHHhoooaa). This leads to fast corners and better bike control. Rooty trails and curbs will be conquered by learning to use our fancy suspension and jumps will be jumped by learning that speed… is… our…. Friend!

Drops’n’Jumps - Sat Aug 4th Devon Skills Park / 1:00 PM

Perfect for intermediates

Learning all about jumps, drops, pump track  Perfect for intermediates  Feel like some air under your wings? Lets start with the pump track and learn to load and unload your bike, then progress to differences between drops and jumps and the difference in how to have fun on each!